Build an autonomous infrastructure to easily scale your cloud applications

Build & segment applications faster with Avesha Smart Application Cloud Framework

Have the freedom to deploy anywhere in minutes! (hybrid, multi-cloud or edge)

Make application infrastructure smarter using Avesha's patented AI & RL engine

Want to experience how to manage your growing K8s clusters?

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A cloud-native way to manage complex multi-cluster, multi-cloud, multi-region application deployments

Insert an Avesha Super Node in each cluster & let the Avesha magic take over

Avesha Smart Application Mesh overlays over Istio or any service mesh

Avesha Application Slices created on Avesha Mesh isolate microservices and extend securely between clusters for seamless discovery and communications

Avesha Smart Load Balancer uses AI for intelligent path selection of workloads and data

Intelligent solutions for your growing clusters

Solutions built on Avesha's Smart Application Cloud Framework make it easy for application developers to rapidly build, organize, isolate, connect and deploy their applications in large and distributed clusters.

Avesha Products

Avesha's Smart Application Framework consists of a suite of products that fast-tracks your digital transformation. AI provides intelligent workload placement, the Mesh provides the connectivity and the Slice brings about the micro-segmentation.

Avesha Application Slice

Avesha Application Slice is a platform that offers an easy and rapid way to isolate and segment your applications within and across K8s clusters. Improve your team's velocity by putting applications on Avesha Slices!

Avesha Smart Application Mesh

Avesha Smart Application Mesh is a service that enables easy app to app connectivity for distributed application deployments (microservices or monolithic). Extend applications from the data center to cloud to edge networks using Avesha Mesh.

Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer

Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer uses AI and Reinforcement Learning(RL) to load balance communications between application microservices.

Why Avesha

We’re transforming how companies consume cloud services by reinventing load balancing. No longer are applications bound to a single cloud service.

Smart Application Infrastructure

Avesha Service Mesh and Avesha Load balancing make the application infrastructure smarter with AI.

Grow your compute infrastructure

Avesha makes it easy to grow your compute infrastructure through extreme automation, without compromising on quality or increasing costs.

Improve your customers’ experiences

Improves customer experience by running workloads closer to where the data is generated.

Easily disaggregate to multi-cloud or edge networks

Avesha platform makes it easy for applications to disaggregate to multi-cloud or edge networks, No NetOps involvement, no complex service meshes to spin up, no hardware to configure.

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