Uninstalling KubeSlice

There are three main steps to uninstalling KubeSlice: Detaching Applications, Uninstalling Slices, and Uninstalling the Slice Operator. Avesha has compiled the below guide to walk you through uninstalling a KubeSlice slice.

The order of operations in uninstalling KubeSlice is important to ensure all resources are cleaned up properly. Please follow the order of operations provided in the guide below.

Application: Istio Bookinfo Istio Bookinfo (Bookinfo Application) is a sample application from Istio composed of four separate microservices intended to demonstrate various Istio features. In this guide, we will use Istio Bookinfo to demonstrate inter-slice communications. Read More
Detaching Applications Detaching an application from its slice is an easy and straightforward process. This guide can be used when preparing to uninstall a slice, or simply to remove individual applications. Read More