Accelerate your modernization with seamless app to app connectivity

Mesh Overlay for Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Interconnect

AI-powered auto-scaling

Managed Service (SaaS)

What isAvesha Smart Application Mesh?

Avesha Smart Application Mesh is a virtual mesh of smart links that are created by the insertion of the Avesha Super Node in each K8s Cluster.

Runs over existing service meshes or without!

Works with Istio, Envoy, or any other service meshes. If you don't have a service mesh, no worries- Avesha Smart Application Mesh will create a virtual SmartLink mesh for your applications to thrive on.

Infused with AI

The AI & RL makes the infrastructure smarter for your applications enabling it to scale faster, perform better, fail lesser with reduced MTTR.

Extend Applications to the Edge

Move application compute seamlessly, when needed, to run on an edge server. The Mesha and AI orchestrate the workloads and data to align with the application's objectives.

Multi Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, MultiCluster Connectivity in minutes!

Enables seamless & super-fast connectivity across distributed wide-area deployments without the networking hassles. Don't stay Vendor-locked to one Cloud - Use Avesha Mesh to move your application workloads around anywhere, anytime & anyhow.

Ecosystems & Integrations

FD.io, NSM, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, Istio, Envoy, Kiali, HELM, VMWare

What the Smart Application Mesh solves for you?

Avesha Smart Application Mesh is a cloud management service for the Control Plane.

Avesha Smart Application Mesh Overview

Avesha mesh system components include the network service mesh control plane and data plane components to create and manage the Avesha KubeSlice L3 overlay.

How to create a Smart Application Mesh?

Here are the steps on how to deploy an Avesha Smart Application Mesh for your container / Monolithic application footprint.

Step 1

Identify workloads in the data center, public clouds providers, 3rd party managed / self-managed clusters, Edge locations to be connected across your application footprint.

Step 2

Configure an IP address subnet and namespace for Avesha Smart Application Mesh in Avesha Backend. Configure endpoints to be monitored for Application performance.

Step 3

With Helm Charts install Avesha control plane and gateway PODs in Kubernetes clusters. Deploy Edge locations and enable VM in hybrid connectivity, to deploy agents.

Step 4

Visualize application graph in Avesha portal for end-to-end connectivity of Avesha Smart Application Mesh.

Learn about our other products

Avesha KubeSlice consists of other products that enable automation, easy interconnectivity across a wide area network, and adaptive & autonomous configuration of the network based on the application's needs.

Avesha KubeSlice

Avesha KubeSlice is a platform that offers an easy and rapid way to isolate and segment your applications within and across K8s clusters. Improve your team's velocity by putting applications on Avesha KubeSlices!

Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer

Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer enriches service to service communication with defined objectives monitored continuously with programmable metrics and endpoints. This Load Balancing approach is a proactive measure for service availability and customer experience.