Edge Enablement

Put your compute closer to where data is generated

Better customer experience

Reduced costs as data does not have to travel to a central cloud for processing each time it is generated

Ideal for ultra low latency & real-time applications

Why this Solution?

The Edge Enablement solution enables applications to offload workloads to an edge cloud in real-time based on demand. In an "Edge first" deployment, microservices are placed in edge cloud and results are synced back to a central cloud.

Move workloads to the edge on demand

AI & Reinforcement Learning(RL) in real time places workloads on an edge server. The replicas in the cloud and the edge appear to be in one "virtualized" local cluster for better communication & performance

Seamless Edge-to-Edge connectivity

Edges are auto-provisioned and service communication between edges is facilitated using Avesha Application Slice

Global footprint as needed

Avesha can provide edge-enabled to set up an edge network or provide a network of edge providers with the Avesha technology made available for easy edge offload.

Universal applicability for modern applications in AI, AR/VR, Drones, IoT

Ultra low latency applications like real-time object detection for medical procedures, fault and hazard detections, AR/VR, smart-city IOT can benefit from the inter-cluster connectivity and performance optimization of the Avesha solution.

Edge Enablement Overview

The Edge Enablement solution uses Smart Application Mesh, Application Slice & AI to connect edges, locate the right edge and move workloads on demand as needed and segment microservices based on desired policies.