Achieve 100% Operational Availability

Highly available

Specifically suited for multi-cluster, multi-domain deployments

Immediate recovery at lower costs

Why this Solution?

The High Availability solution uses Avesha Application Slices to offer a superior resiliency solution because it doesn't have the limitation of needing the failover of the entire stack. Microservices can be segmented, connections can be rerouted to other clusters in the slice ensuring less disruptions and quicker recoveries.


Reduced MTTR( Mean Time To Recovery) due to AI Path selection

Automated Failover

AI to reroute connections

Footprint Reduction

25% to 40% reduction in footprint because of less servers used for redundancy

Better root cause analysis

Microservices in any Slice can independently failover without disrupting services in other Slices

High Availability Overview

The High Availability solution uses Smart Application Mesh Application Slice and Smart Application Load Balancer to intelligent route traffic, requests and connections based on changing network conditions.