Modernize with hybrid, mitigate risks with multi-cloud

Seamless connectivity between the private data center and public cloud

Place workloads intelligently where it can run most efficiently

Have one secure surface area for applications across all heterogeneous cloud environments

Why this Solution?

The Hybrid/Multicloud solution enables applications to migrate from data centers to public clouds with security, compliance, and DevOps agility built into the system.

No Vendor Lock-in

With easy management, control, connectivity, and workload placement, no longer do applications need to be bound to a single cloud.

Works for traditional and modernized workloads

Any heterogeneous & distributed endpoints can be connected with a secure surface area giving the management, control, and appearance of one unified homogenous cluster.

Built-in security and compliance guardrails

Security & Compliance policies applied to an Application Slice enforce effective guardrails for hybrid & multi-cloud applications.

Optimized for cost and performance

Configure the Avesha AI with the right optimization goals to keep cloud spend in check without compromising on the needs of the applications & users.

Hybrid/Multi Cloud Enablement Overview

The Edge Enablement solution uses Smart Application Mesh, Application Slice & Smart Application Load Balancer for connectivity, security and intelligent workload placement across data centers and clouds.