Scale Smartly, Segment Elegantly

Multitenancy for application microservices

AI based Load Balancing

Continuous Monitoring of Connectivity, Security & Data Governance Policies

Why this Solution?

The Smart Application Infrastructure solution uses AI & RL(Reinforcement Learning) to make the infrastructure “autonomous” for cloud applications - relieving NetOps teams from the challenges of scaling applications with manual adjustments to network parameters.

Extending K8s Namespaces to MultiCluster

K8s namespaces extended for multi-cluster and multi-cloud for easy manageability, traceability and service discoverability.

Reinforcement Learning(RL) continually tunes the network

Based on server telemetry data, Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer adjusts weights are adjusted to optimize for bandwidth, resource utilization, latency, cost and other parameters

Segmentation of Microservices across clusters

Application segmentation made easy. For example allow resource hungry microservices to be segmented from business-critical microservices using Avesha Application Slices

Zero Trust Security

Security & Compliance policies applied to an Application Slice enforce effective guardrails for multi-cluster & multi-cloud applications.

Smart Application Infrastructure Overview

The Smart Application Infrastructure uses Smart Application Mesh, Application Slice and Smart Application Load Balancer to make the infrastructure perform at optimum levels at all times for applications.