Bring cloud services to the Edge & accelerate your business outcomes


Having a secure and seamless connectivity of workloads at the application level between the cloud and private datacenters is challenging as there are complex IT tasks of creating VPN tunnels, ensuring security and availability at all times.


Dependency on on-demand instances for running workloads is costly given the unfavorability of spot instances


Security is a challenge for distributed application deployments. Sensitive data needs to be contained securely in on-prem or the datacenter and all processing can happen there. This reduces the blast area for exposure to security risks for application services.

Business Agility

Business agility suffers when there is a shortage of critical resources in DevOps and IT to support the security & connectivity needs of distributed applications. Developers want to modernize and they don't want to be slowed down by infrastructure complexities. They need an easy and secure way to transform their traditional, VM, non-cloud, native workloads to containerized workloads.


Infrastructure tends to be overly complicated especially when there is a need for on-demand instances. The need of a firewall for VPN verification is also unfavorable for autonomous activity or seamless workload placement across distributed network domains. Consequently, the operational model is difficult.

How we solve them

Whether it's building the edge compute hardware for a datacenter (servers, racks, GPUs etc.) or the Avesha Smart Application Cloud platform to connect distributed application endpoints back to the cloud, Avesha has a service comprising hardware, software & connectivity to build & manage cloud adjacency point-of-presences for all your cloud workloads.

Cost Reduction

Get lower costs with rightsizing and a pay-as-you-go consumption model that scales up and down with demand. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is greatly reduced across the board (cloud, datacenter, and bandwidth costs) when Avesha Smart Application Cloud platform is deployed with the cloud adjacency package.

Zero Trust Security

Built-In zero trust security allows for a security perimeter of the private datacenter before workloads transfer from the cloud to the datacenter. With the use of Application Smart Application Cloud platform, agility improves, which allows for quick-acting security.

Agility with DevOps

Avesha Smart Application Cloud platform increases agility for DevOps with its single namespace Application Slice technology. DevOps can be less reliant on IT to place their workloads whichever distributed location they need to be run on for optimum application performance & costs. GitOps support through integration of pipelines to the Avesha platform.

Operational Simplification

Avesha Smart Application Cloud platform delivers the cloud experience across all edges, on-prem locations, and datacenters using a simple, intuitive and attractive user interface for onboarding your VMs, microservices, for observability of how the infrastructure is performing for your applications, and for the manageability of the whole distributed setup.


Media & Advertising

The Avesha platform is used in a media & advertising technology company to burst compute workloads from cloud to the edge. The company uses case AI models on YouTube videos to drive the precise intelligence for its customers on ad placements in YouTube.

    Burst workloads to the Edge

    AI models are compute intensive & consume tremendous GPU resources. Using cloud adjacency, the workloads can be instantiated on demand, thus bursting the compute capacity from cloud spot instances when needed.

    50% cost reduction from cloud spot instances

    Avoid heavy upfront costs and excess provisioning of resources and only pay for what you use. Have the scalable capacity just when needed.

    Modernization with delivery as a managed SaaS

    Offload the dependencies on IT & Netops and free up resources with a fully-managed service that ensures the availability of virtual clusters for your distributed applications. Application features can easily be rolled out through different subscription packages.

Media & Publishing