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Simplify your Kubernetes operations with AI and automation

Kubernetes Networking with

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Service Connectivity Layer

Kubernetes Autoscaling with


Smart Scaler

AI based AutoScaling

Hype Cycle™ for Zero Trust Networking, 2023

Gartner® names Avesha as a Sample Vendor for Kubernetes Networking in the 2023 Hype Cycle™ for Zero Trust Networking

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Trusted by Leading Enterprises
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Avesha Technologies

Service Connectivity Layer for managing fleet of clusters for better application performance

Smart Scaler

Horizontal pod autoscaling with AI, trained on application behaviors, for predictive remediation

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The “Zero Trust” Security Slice


Automated Pod-to-Pod Networking

Enhanced security with mutual TLS (mTLS) support for secure communications.

Secure VPN Tunnels

Service-to-service communication safeguarded by NIST and FIPS 140-2 compliant VPN tunnels.

Role-Based Access Control

Robust access management with automated certificate rotation for multi-cluster environments.

Proactive Security Management

Addresses security audits and effectively manages configuration drift.

Reduced Blast Area

Limits connectivity to select namespaces across multi-cluster or polycloud, significantly minimizing the threat landscape.

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How Businesses Benefit from Avesha?
Application Migration
Application Migration
Application Migration
Migrate applications from data centers to the cloud, ensuring optimal performance and no downtime. KubeSlice creates a virtual cluster for continuous migration, maintaining connectivity between migrated and non-migrated services, guaranteeing application availability at all times.
Database Resiliency Across Multi-Cluster
Database Resiliency Across Multi-Cluster
Database Resiliency Across Multi-Cluster
Enable database resiliency across Kubernetes clusters for MongoDB, PostGreSQL, CockroachDB. Get simplified multi-cluster connectivity wihtout the need for service mesh, ensuring secure, efficient replication across multi-cloud or distributed data centers.
Digital Twin / AI Based Autoscaling / Intelligent Remediation for Kubernetes Services
Digital Twin / AI Based Autoscaling / Intelligent Remediation for Kubernetes Services
Digital Twin / AI Based Autoscaling / Intelligent Remediation for Kubernetes Services
Smart Scaler revolutionizes Kubernetes services with AI-driven digital twins, enabling precise autoscaling and intelligent remediation. Experience unprecedented efficiency and cost-savings in cloud applications, as AI responds proactively to demands, allocating resources precisely and guaranteeing service availability. It's the future of cloud scalability with Smart Scaler, all with minimal human intervention.
Distributed Kafka Brokers Across Multi-cluster
Distributed Kafka Brokers Across Multi-cluster
Distributed Kafka Brokers Across Multi-cluster
Connecting multiple Kafka clusters, enhances scalability, fault tolerance, and compliance. KubeSlice simplifies multi-cluster Kafka deployments by creating a secure network between clusters. It ensures data consistency, availability
Multi-cloud observability
Multi-cloud observability
Multi-cloud observability
Multi-cloud observability with KubeSlice integrates various cloud platforms for improved monitoring, management, and analytics. It provides real-time insights into latency, resource utilization, RBAC controls and more, across diverse environments. KubeSlice’s virtual cluster and observability dashboards offer comprehensive insights into applications spanning multi-cluster and multi-cloud scenarios.


Pioneering the Next Era of Digital Excellence

Enhance your digital evolution using Avesha’s innovative, scalable and efficient products, designed as programmable platforms for future-ready transformations.



KubeSlice is a programmable platform designed for multi-cluster application networking. It offers a service connectivity layer, simplifying interservice communications across multiple Kubernetes clusters. Additionally, KubeSlice establishes a secure virtual network overlay, ensuring efficient data distribution between distributed workloads.

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KubeSlice Manager

KubeSlice Manager is an intuitive, all-in-one portal designed for multi-cluster/multi-cloud application management. It enables users to manage resource consumption, enforce access controls, set network policies, avoid IP address conflicts and monitor latencies across distributed Kubernetes clusters through a single unified interface.

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Smart Scaler

Smart Scaler harnesses the power of digital twin technology to accurately forecast demand, enabling precise horizontal pod autoscaling that automatically scales infrastructure and application resources up or down to meet highly unpredictable traffic surges.

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Smart Traffic Director

This is an intelligent navigator for the digital world. It smartly directs web traffic to optimal locations, ensuring fast, stable online experiences by considering the origin of user requests.


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Simplify your Kubernetes operations with AI and automation

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