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Streamline hybrid/multi-cloud cluster management & latency monitoring with KubeSlice

KubeSlice offers services that dramatically increase application velocity for platform & product teams:

Network services to interconnect clusters for service communications

Application services like ServiceExport and ServiceImport

Resource services like RBAC and compute/memory allocations

Kubernetes services like namespace services, network policy services

Avesha Products

Avesha has a suite of products that fast-tracks your digital transformation & bring ease, agility & scale to your application deployments.


KubeSlice is a platform that offers an easy and rapid way to isolate and segment your applications within and across K8s clusters. Improve your team's velocity by putting applications on KubeSlices!


Brings VM workloads to Kubernetes orchestration and offers connectivity, multi-tenancy & observability for both VM & cloud workloads from one platform.

KubeSlice Manager (UI)

KubeSlice Manager (UI) is a user-friendly self-service application deployment portal to help customers manage resource consumption, access controls, network policies and monitor latencies across clusters & clouds from one interface. KubeSlice offers this observability per tenant (be in per customer, team, product or release).

Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer

Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer enriches service to service communication with defined objectives monitored continuously with programmable metrics and endpoints. This Load Balancing approach is a proactive measure for service availability and customer experience.

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