Smart Event Scaler
Be Ready for the Swift Surge in your Application Traffic in Event Days
Automatically scale your applications for high-demand events like concerts or sports-betting events with AI-driven calendar solutions combined with predictive scaling.

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Enterprise Ready

The Competitive Advantage for your AppDev, DevOps, Business and Marketing Teams

Stay Ahead with Predictive Event Scaling

With Smart Event Scaler's intuitive calendar interface, you can easily align your scaling needs with your marketing calendar. Specify when your campaigns will run and anticipate high traffic volumes and Smart Event Scaler does the scaling autonomously.


cost reduction

Predict marketing spend for event planning


error rates

Designed by experts in AI, Kubernetes, security, platform engineering

AI-Driven Autoscaling with Calendar Interface for Precise and Reliable Performance

A leading sports betting company sought to alleviate the burden on their DevOps team, who were struggling to estimate the optimal number of microservices required to handle fluctuating demand.

Automated Cost Savings and Performance Improvements


Clouds supported


Namespaces connected


DevOps hours saved


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