Smart Scaler
Cloud Costs Reduced by Up to 70% with AI-Augmented Predictive Autoscaling
Lower application response times , autonomously handle traffic spikes and improve utilization with AI-augmented rightsizing, scaling for pods and nodes with HPA , VPA and Karpenter

Integrations for Smart Scaler

Enterprise Ready

The Competitive Advantage for your AppDev, FinOps and DevOps Teams

Take a look at the comparative analysis of smart scaler.
Worry Free Automation for Handing Traffic Spikes

with predictive auto-remediation of infrastructure


reduced cloud costs


lower response times


error rates

Designed by experts in AI, Kubernetes, security, platform engineering

Our AI model uniquely knows your application microservice behaviors and continously tunes for performance

A payments company reduced their microservice pod usage by upto 80% with greatly improved response times

Automated Cost Savings and Performance Improvements


Clouds supported


Microservices optimized


Performance tuning hours saved

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