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Hype Cycle™ for Zero Trust Networking, 2023

Gartner® names Avesha as a Sample Vendor for Kubernetes Networking in the 2023 Hype Cycle™ for Zero Trust Networking

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FinOps Challenges


Out-of-Control Kubernetes Costs

Lack of good cost reduction tools or principles that can be adopted by the developers.


Opaqueness on how to allocate costs by teams

Lack of tools to track costs by teams across multiple clusters and multiple namespaces.


Manage AI Workload Costs (GPUs)

GPUS are a scarce resource so it’s important to manage their costs efficiently for training and inferencing.

App Dev Challenges


Lack of automation to address application performance

Current methods involve manual performance tuning of each microservice and each release which is not scalable, thus compromising APDEX scores.


Difficulty in migrating to lower cost clouds

One of the challenges in migration is the dependance on existing hyperscaler managed services.


Automating Running of GPU Workloads

Data Scientists spend 65% of their time in scheduling and orchestration

Platform Engineering/DevOps Challenges


Unaware of application behaviors

Platform engineers are charged with scaling of infrastructure but do not know much about the application workloads.


Difficulty to scale for traffic spikes manually

No access to predictive tools that specifically handle spike scaling and burst capacity on demand.


Managing AI Infra Performance (GPUs)

Dearth of tools to for handling the complexities of GPU orchestration scaling.

Our products have proven impact



In Kubernetes Costs



In Response Times



CPU/Memory Efficiency






burst for extra capacity



tracked for cost across multiple regions

Powerful products for every business


Smart Scaler

Predictive autoscaling based on application behaviors


Smart Karpenter

Predictive autonomous scaling of pods and nodes


Smart Event Scaler

AI assisted infrastructure scaling for peak traffic days


Avesha Enterprise for KubeSlice

Service Connectivity Layer for managing fleet of clusters for better application performance



Multi-cluster chargeback by application and teams


Application Bursting

On demand cloud capacity for datacenters


Multi-cloud app access

Service gateway for multi-cloud applications

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Insights from Your Industry Peers

“Cox Edge operates a complex and highly distributed edge cloud network across data centers in the US, so the ability to establish secure, low latency connectivity, and intelligently manage traffic routing is a core requirement. We evaluated all sorts of network solutions, and Avesha’s KubeSlice really stood up not only as a solution to todays challenges, but as a framework to build additional networking products and capabilities in the future."

Ron Lev

GM, Cox Edge

"Humans aren’t good at managing that level of complexity in a stressful scenario, even without the stressful scenario it’s really complicated. So that is where technology (like Smart Scaler) does a really good job. It can crunch numbers for you, and take your business requirements, and implement them without you having to be there under pressure.”

Shlomo Bielak

Head of Engineering, The Score

“To date, application and cloud operations teams spend a lot of underappreciated effort trying to predict the cost and performance tradeoffs of different settings for autoscaling pods. Solutions like Avesha’s Smart Scaler can offload the heavy lifting of these estimation processes so cloud native engineers can realize just-in-time optimized HPA settings across their Kubernetes application environments.”

Jason English

Principal Analyst at Intellyx

"Avesha KubeSlice is a smart tool that allows us to easily connect workloads from datacenters to clouds. If you are running Kubernetes in Hybrid Cloud, you get faster resiliency with Avesha KubeSlice. Also the ability to isolate workloads by tenant with Slices is a game changer for Hybrid Cloud."

John Repucci

Director of Solution Architecture, Ensono

“We are excited to partner with Avesha to continue to innovate and make it easier to work with multi cluster applications and provide a whole suite of capabilities that the Avesha platform provides.”

William Bell

EVP Products, Phoenix NAP

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