Avesha KubeSlice

Microsegment within clusters, Interconnects for multi clusters, clouds & edges

Isolate or segment critical pods in a cluster based on bandwidth, traffic priorities & security

Easy connectivity between application clusters over a wide area network

Multi-tenancy for K8s applications

What is the Avesha KubeSlice?

Avesha KubeSlices are application overlays - they are a way of grouping K8s application pods based on one or more organizing principles such as critical services, app teams, security, governance, the velocity of deployment, etc.

Data Plane Traffic Control

Establish a traffic control policy on each KubeSlice. The policy is maintained for all application pods on that slice. The ability to control traffic across nodes and clusters is only available using Avesha KubeSlice.

Better Resiliency

By deploying an application across clusters and connecting using the slice, application services get resiliency, better availability & efficient failover containment.

Zero-Trust Security

Each Slice brings Zero Trust Security by applying global security policies to all application pods connected to it.

App-to-App Connectivity & Service Discovery across Multi-Cluster, Multi-region & Multi-Cloud

Applications pods on a slice connect with each other on a layer 3 interface. This enables better placement of workloads across multi-cluster and easier service-to-service discovery.

Ecosystems & Integrations

Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, Prometheus, Kiali, HELM

What the KubeSlice solves for you?

Avesha KubeSlice organizes pods within a single cluster based on policies. It can also extend to multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud & edges. It connects all application endpoints and enables segmentation, service discovery & zero-trust security.

Avesha KubeSlice Overview

KubeSlice is an “overlay” because it works with existing K8S deployments and does not require any significant change to existing code – only an annotation needs to be added to a pod spec to enable its inclusion into a KubeSlice.

How to create a KubeSlice?

Here are the steps on how to create an Avesha KubeSlice for a cluster or Multi-cluster and attach application pods to the slice.

Step 1

With Helm Chart, install Avesha Control plane pods and gateway pods.

Step 2

Configure the Helm chart with application details to onboard application to a Slice.

Step 3

Do Step 1 and Step 2 on each cluster that needs to be on the KubeSlice. Gateway pods from each cluster will get connected and service discovery will be enabled.

Step 4

Visualize the Slice in the Avesha SaaS dashboard with QoS configurations and slice characteristics.

Learn about our other products

Avesha KubeSlice consists of other products that enable automation, easy interconnectivity across a wide area network, and adaptive & autonomous configuration of the network based on the application's needs.

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Avesha Smart Application Mesh is a service that enables an easy app to app connectivity for distributed application deployments (microservices or monolithic). Extend applications from the data center to cloud to edge networks using Avesha Mesh.

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Avesha Smart Application Load Balancer enriches service to service communication with defined objectives monitored continuously with programmable metrics and endpoints. This Load Balancing approach is a pro-active measure for service availability and customer experience.