Paging Passenger Lasso

Why Ted Lasso’s Tuesday premiere needed the Edge, ...and ubiquitous connectivity from KubeSlice
Olyvia Rakshit
Olyvia Rakshit

VP Marketing & Product (UX)

27 February, 2023

3 min read



The TV Show Ted Lasso dropped on Tuesday and stopped as soon as it started.It was frustrating.

We are ardent fans, and as soon as we got the notification on our IPhones, we sat in our sofas, mother and daughter, and tuned in.  
It was time to “Believe” again.

The show began..

“This is the final boarding call for flight 822 to Kansas City. Final boarding for flight 822. Paging passenger Lasso. Report to the ticket desk.

And then it froze…

Disappointment. Frustration. Clicking, restarting, nothing worked. It was hard to “believe”.

Sounds familiar? Have you ever experienced this frustration of your highly anticipated TV show freezing or buffering?

Streaming TV shows need edge servers for low latency delivery of content, which is essential for the best user experience. By processing and delivering content closer to the end user, edge servers help reduce latency. This results in smoother playback, faster loading times, and fewer buffering issues, making it more likely that viewers will stick around and continue watching. Kinda important right?

Recently we at Avesha, did a webinar focussed on issues gaming companies face with turning away gamers during peak times - and the solution - bursting from centralized servers to the edge. This case is much the same, streaming services need to be able to “burst to the edge” during peak viewership days and times.

What’s KubeSlice’s role in this ecosystem?  
KubeSlice is the only framework available for modern streaming applications to be effortlessly and seamlessly distributed across the country for multiple edge locations. Place your streaming workloads anywhere and in real-time “burst” those workloads to the nearest edge location when demand surges. Like in an opening day premiere of a show. KubeSlice creates secure VPN tunnels across Kubernetes clusters where applications and streaming data can be distributed appropriately and without any networking hassles. KubeSlice connectivity is secure, painless and guarantees SLA (eg. bandwidth) that streaming applications need.

Our warm-n-fuzzy “Believe” feeling epitomized by Ted Lasso was gutted when we couldn’t watch the premiere that moment (we caught it the next day!).

Streaming needs the edge.  
And the edge fabric needs KubeSlice.  
Together we will ensure that Jason Sudeikis never freezes on the fans again..