FinOps: Manage Cloud Costs

Avesha’s KubeSlice helps achieve the best in cloud optimization through a split-stack across clusters

FinOps Ecosystem & Benefits


A survey by Gartner says that as high as 95% of business and IT leaders say that cloud billing is the most confusing part of public cloud adoption.


According to data from

23% of organizations are Public Cloud first but still hybrid with data center

16% of organizations are Public Cloud first but with on-prem VPC

15% all in Public Cloud


Teams need to collaborate towards a shared FinOps goal. There needs to be platform available to teams that provides the visibility and cost optimization based on efficient workload placement taking advantage of the variable cloud cost model.

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FinOps with KubeSlice

KubeSlice enables efficient cloud management costs by placing compute and storage workloads in the right cloud or on prem infrastructure based on policies and application needs in real time. The cloud usage is efficiently optimized by providing a framework for efficient resource allocation.

Supporting FinOps with KubeSlice


Avesha’s KubeSlice enables strong FinOps culture by supporting Split Stacks across clusters. It enables applications to share data and communicate across clusters by without the need for having duplicated stacks deployed in each cluster.


KubeSlice offers intelligent workload placement based on continually optimizable infrastructure parameters that can be updated using AI & RL


The intelligent workload placements enables the applications to operate on the right cloud or data center based on the best optimum costs available at that time.

Supporting FinOps with KubeSlice
What is unique about KubeSlice's FinOps solution?
KubeSlice architecture uniquely supports FinOps distinctively from other solutions
Number One
We make the network complexity disappear with our application overlay
Number Two
The application overlay installs over existing infrastructure and inherits existing policies, and its topology is driven by the needs of the application
Number Three
A KubeSlice instantly connects pods in an E-W direction eliminating setup of gateways, IP address overlaps and tricky firewall configurations
Number Four
A Kubeslice can connect your workloads to and from AWS, GCP, Azure or Edge in a matter of minutes
Number Five
A KubeSlice has a common name space for all connecting clusters with the ability to support split-stack deployments to save cost

How does it work?

Avesha KubeSlice creates provides the ability to use a split-stack architecture to effectively move specific microservices to different clusters based on the properties of that infrastructure location.

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Register clusters in each cloud with Avesha Controller.
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Create KubeSlices across clouds and create network policies for each Slice. KubeSlice creates secure application connectivity (East-West) across clouds.
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Bring applications onto each Slice with simple YAML edits and HELM charts. Applications can communicate, share data, send traffic freely across clouds as if they are in one network.