Modernize with Hybrid Cloud

Avesha’s KubeSlice seamlessly connects workloads between private data centers and clouds. It provides a single ”virtual cluster” like visibility & security for distributed application clusters.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption & Benefits


A report from Enterprise Strategy Group states that number of organizations committed to or interested in a hybrid cloud strategy has increased from 81% to 93% since 2017


89% of organizations still expect to have a meaningful on-premises footprint in three years


Trends indicate that a 45% increase in the number of organizations running more than 30% of their production applications on public cloud infrastructure.

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Hybrid-Cloud with KubeSlice

As enterprises modernize the data center and adopt cloud-based applications, they are operating Kubernetes clusters across on-premises and cloud environments. Avesha KubeSlice brings on-premise and cloud-based workloads on a single virtual cluster and removes the complexities of network configurations for security, resiliency, service discovery and connectivity across distributed application infrastructures..

Hybrid Cloud Architecture with KubeSlice


Easy manageability of containerized workloads across hybrid cloud.


High availability for multi zone Kubernetes deployments distributed across data centers and clouds.


Create multiple Slices across hybrid cloud and place stateful and stateless workloads per demand between data centers and cloud


Hyrbid cloud observability with metrics on traffic flow between on prem and clouds


Segmentation of applications by teams or releases across clusters in on-prem, data center clouds

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

How does it work?

Avesha’s KubeSlice works with Kubernetes applications across on prem and clouds.

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Register clusters in each cloud with Avesha Controller
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Create KubeSlices across on-prem and cloud clusters. Create network policies for each Slice. KubeSlice creates secure application connectivity (East-West) across geographically distributed clusters
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Bring applications onto each Slice with simple YAML edits and HELM charts. Applications can communicate, share data, send traffic freely across on prem and clouds as if they are in one network