Achieve 100% Operational Availability

Avesha’s KubeSlice offers superior resiliency as it doesn't have the limitation of needing the failover of the entire stack. Microservices can be segmented, connections can be rerouted to other clusters in a Slice ensuring less disruptions and quicker recoveries.

Key Capabilities of KubeSlice Resiliency


Active-Active- Reduced MTTR( Mean Time To Recovery) due to AI Path selection


Automated Failover- Microservices in any Slice can independently failover without disrupting services in other Slices


Footprint reduction- 25% to 40% reduction in footprint because of less servers used for redundancy

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Resiliency with KubeSlice

KubeSlice offers resiliency which makes distributed applications highly available and enables recovery from failovers at much lower costs.

Resiliency Architecture with KubeSlice


Application Slices separate applications in virtual clusters.


Services in any virtual cluster(layer) can independently failover without disrupting services in other layers.


Failover can be done while transactions can continue at a reduced capacity


Utilizes less resources

Resiliency Architecture
What is unique about KubeSlice's Resiliency solution?
KubeSlice architecture uniquely supports resiliency distinctively from other solutions
Number One
We make the network complexity disappear with our application overlay
Number Two
The application overlay installs over existing infrastructure and inherits existing policies, and its topology is driven by the needs of the application
Number Three
A KubeSlice instantly connects pods in an E-W direction eliminating setup of gateways, IP address overlaps and tricky firewall configurations
Number Four
Each KubeSlice makes it easy for teams to collaborate across clusters while preserving the company’s policies around governance, security and compliance
Number Five
Multiple slices can independently support different slice-specific policies within the overall policy

How does it work?

Avesha’s KubeSlice works with every Cloud and Kubernetes platform to make the applications resilient at lower costs.

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Register clusters in each cloud with Avesha Controller.
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Create KubeSlices across clouds and create network policies for each Slice. KubeSlice creates secure application connectivity (East-West) across clouds.
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Bring applications onto each Slice with simple YAML edits and HELM charts. Applications can communicate, share data, send traffic freely across clouds as if they are in one network.