Presenting KubeSlice Open Source

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Raj Nair
Raj Nair

Founder & CEO

17 June, 2022

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We are excited to announce that we have open sourced our core product, KubeSlice. It automates the creation of a secure multi-tenant Kubernetes application infrastructure that provides the necessary isolation for applications to segment the infrastructure into Application Slices that specify RBAC (Role-Based Access Controls), resource limits and network policy. KubeSlice is the first product that uniquely supports true multi-tenancy to increase the security of Kubernetes deployments.

Each Application Slice can host multiple namespaces belonging to an application tenant (team, software release, feature) and ensures isolation from various angles including access control, resource usage and network priority. This forms the foundation for many use cases ranging from enterprise applications to Edge Federations and 5G deployments. We are thrilled to work with leaders in the field to help bring this unique technology to the community. We encourage participation from anyone interested in providing comprehensive application security in Kubernetes with responsible resource usage for a lower cost and carbon footprint .


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